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SAR - Operational Mantrailing

Becoming an operational Mantrailer takes a lot of commitment and the right dog!

Mantrailers are found working for the Military forces, Search and Rescue and the Police all over the world.

Operational Mantrailers are used for information gathering, but also to find a missing person. These dogs are scent specific, which means they are following a specific scent that has been presented to them by their dog handler. They are to determine or eliminate a direction of travel. If there is no trail to be found, because the person has never been in this location, the dog will show what we call an NSI (Negative Scent Identification). This can be specific on how the dog has been trained.

Mantrailers can also determine if a person has been picked up by a vehicle and where this has happened. They can find clothes, backpacks or any other articles that are in relation to the missing person. Mantrailers can be part of a bigger team – the Mantrailers give a direction of travel, the air scenting dogs will check the area for human scent.

In the UK, any evidence found/provided by any Search and Rescue dog, cannot be used as evidence in court.

To read up on a Mantrailing Success Story, please see below:

SUCCESSFUL FIND 16th July 2018: Last night the Pine Creek K-9 Search Unit was dispatched for a search in Brookville PA for a missing 9 year old girl. AJ Moore and K-9 Benji were the first of K-9 teams on the scene and started searching immediately. It wasn't long before Benji led AJ and a crew of searchers right to her. It was dark, a large storm was approaching quickly and she was pretty scared but, was safe and unharmed. Over 50 people came out to help search. Pine Creek K-9 Search Unit said "We want to thank our own fire company, Pine Creek Volunteer Fire Department along with Brookville Fire Company, Corsica Volunteer Fire Company, Summerville Volunteer Firemans Association and anyone else that came out to assist in search efforts." AJ Moore and K9 Benji train using "The Kocher Method" and are certified yearly through INBTI. To read the news article please visit:

If you are interested to see if your dog would suite operational needs, please contact the British Mantrailing Academy



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