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Becoming a Mantrailing UK Instructor FAQ

We have complied a list of of the most frequently asked questions we get about our Mantrailing course.

Do I need to have done Mantrailing to become an instructor? Yes, you need to have done six months of trailing which equates to a minimum bi weekly trailing with your own dog, and shadowing of a certified instructor. If you haven’t done enough months it is still worth filling out an application form and we can get you to be part of our buddy system where you can shadow and trail with another Mantrailing UK Certified Instructor to make up the time if needed. This only applies if you live in the UK. If you live in other countries, for example Canada or the USA, we don’t require it as there are little to no opportunities to do Mantrailing as a dog sport.

Can I become an instructor even though I am not a dog trainer? Yes, we take all applications on a case by case basis and you don’t need to be a dog trainer to teach Mantrailing, but it does help. If you are not a dog trainer then you will need some background in teaching or have complementary skills, but you do need to have done around 6months of Mantrailing with a Mantrailing UK certified instructor.

How long is the course? The courses in the UK will be taught as 2-days online theory and 3- days practical training including the assessments. This gives you the opportunity to study the theory in your own time. With each theory part there will be an online live Q&A with the head instructor and founder, Lisa Gorenflo.

Outside the UK this course is a 5-day in person course.

Does the course set me up to start teaching Mantrailing straight away? The course is designed to set you up to run Mantrailing as a standalone business or complement your existing dog business. The course theory is not just about Mantrailing, but it is also about teaching you how to market your business and gain a client base. We want all our instructors to succeed and help them by giving them the skills to thrive. Covered is: - Theory and science of Mantrailing - How to trail your own dog - How to read Mantrailing dogs - Coaching skills - Tried and tested marketing techniques - Teaching skills and training techniques

Where are the courses located? We run courses all over the UK. From 2021, we will run courses in Birmingham and near Edinburgh, Scotland only within the UK. The instructor course can be hosted across the world. We will be coming to Edmonton, Canada in 2021 and looking to expand international reach further.

Is the accommodation included in the course? You will need to book your accommodation separately from the course. We choose locations that are near dog friendly accommodation or have accommodation available on site.

What kind of training techniques are used? Mantrailing UK only uses positive reinforcement training. We also keep up to date with the latest science on dog training and scent to make sure our students and their canines are having the professional training they so deserve.

Do I need a dog to do the course? Yes you will need to bring a dog to the course. This is to learn how to teach different types of dogs and people, as everyone will be acting as a student for all instructors-to-be. We do not focus on the dog progression as a Mantrailer, as the focus is on your skill to teach Mantrailing as a sport. We don’t require the dog to have done much trailing in fact we welcome dogs that have never done it before. It will be helpful to have a mixture of trailing skilled dogs on the course as we can all learn from each other.

Are there assessments? At the end of the course there is a theory assessment and a practical assessment of your teaching. You will need to reach at least 70% on each to pass the course and become a Mantrailing UK certified instructor.

Do I need a private venue to do training from? No you don’t as long as you have permission to use an area, or use public spaces safely you can trail anywhere. Private places can be easier for introduction courses, or new trailers but you do not need a private barn to train from. Many instructors find quieter places to trail to start with and then start trailing anywhere both rurally and urban.

How quickly will I make the course cost back? You can make your course costs back within two moths of offering Mantrailing introduction courses and training sessions. However this does require your effort. For many of our instructors, Mantrailing has become a large part of their income.

There is an instructor not far from me, will there be competition? Mantrailing UK instructors are a community, and we encourage all of them to work together. We strongly believe, that you can also make a big financial gain through networking and supporting each other. Many of our instructors have regular meet ups where they train together and exchange there Mantrailing experiences. This dog sport proves very popular with dog owners across the world and we hope to spread the good news about Mantrailing around the globe in the coming years.

What follow on training is there available once you have passed the course? You have the opportunity to join our Instructors Guild after you have successfully passed the course. We use the platform to maintain the quality of training and teaching with monthly webinars from professional Mantrailers or canine professionals from across the globe. Steve White, Tobias Gustavsson, Paul Bunker, just to name a few. We also have webinars taught by our own instructors using their knowledge, that they gathered before becoming a dog professional. They are webinars about insurance, video editing, harness fitting, etc. It is a place to ask questions and get advice where needed. This includes video analysing from your own trailing dogs as well as clients dogs. We also have a yearly guild retreat, where we talk and do trailing, exchange experiences and give helpful tips and tricks for running businesses, for example marketing. There is also our advanced Mantrailing weekends where you get the opportunity to train with Lisa Gorenflo, head instructor and founder of Mantrailing UK, with your dog and learn more advanced techniques. Learning never stops!

Once I’ve done the course can I train my dog to find missing people for real? The training taught by Mantrailing UK is based on real life cases, but we do not train any of our instructors or clients to operational standards. Some of our instructors have gone on to work operationally, but after qualifying with Search and Rescue organisations.

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