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Mantrailing UK Assessors


don't limit your challenges,
challenge your limits

If you love Mantrailing as much as we do, and you are looking for a goal to train towards - then working towards our Mantrailing Global Levels is for you.

All of our Instructors will help you work towards your Mantrailing Global Levels. Once you're ready, you just need to contact one of our qualified assessors and get booked in.

Mantrailing Global Assessors

Contact one of our assessors directly to arrange your Mantrailing Level assessment. 


No Assessor near you? No problem, you can also enquire about hosting one of our assessors in your area.


can't see an assessor in your area?

Our assessor team is constantly expanding as we grow globally. If you don't have an assessor nearby, please let us know where you live so we can identify where we need more Mantrailing Global Assessors. 

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